Laying out the liveries on the models

Once a model is primed, painted and clear coated, it is time for the decals to be applied. As the photos below illustrate, this step is a very time consuming detail oriented step.

First, the correct positioning of the cockpit windows is important, as all the other cheatline decals have to properly line up to the cockpit. So we tape a photocopy of the cockpit windows into position, and the use fine line tape as a level guide for the placement of the cheatline decals.

The tops of the cabin windows line up with the rear stabilizers. The placement of the cockpit window and fine line level tape can take hours as we make minor adjustments to perfect the layout as best we can. In most cases it is a two or three day process to level the model and properly apply the decals. Once we have finished applying the decals to the model, we use a localized decal sealer to lock the decals in position, and then the model is prepped for one final top coat of aircraft grade anti-UV clear coat.


DC-8 model decal alignment

DC-8 model decal alignment